10 Things To Consider When Purchasing a Balance Bike

The Price

The first thing to consider when you’re looking to buy a balance bike is the price. Of course, you don’t want to buy anything that’s going to be too expensive, but the other factors are definitely going to be more important when you’re considering what’s best for your child. A lot of parents will make their decision on the basis of the price tag of the balance bike. If it is cheap, quality can be sacrificed, which means that it may not be as durable and comfortable.

Before you choose your bike, however, make sure that you look at the cost involved and understand whether you’re comfortable with the price required. There will be good bikes in every price range so don’t think you’ll have to settle just because of the cost.

Weight Of Balance Bike 

(Lightest Weight)

Certainly, one of the prime factors that need to be addressed as the children have their own preferences in their abilities and interests in handling the Bike and it is also preferred to get the lightest for the kids. There are few of the Best Balance Bike out there that comes with lightest frames.

Schwinn Balance Bike: While you search for balance bikes the weight features matter as per the age of the kid; this bike is suitable for the age group of 3 to 6 with an average weight of 13.6 lbs.

Strider -12 Balance Bike: This is a better choice as it is a lightest weight balance bike with an average weight of 6.7 lbs in the category and suits the kids easily.

KAZAM Classic Balance Bike: It is again the preferred choice for those looking at style and durability and weighs approximately 11.2 lbs.

Go Glider Kids Balance Bike: The heaviest in the category with weight of 13.8 lbs; the bike provides excellent speed control and weight capacity.

Weight capacity of balance bike

The denser, the better for the kids, as the density of the frame allows the kids to manage balance with ease and comfort as they learn the basics of cycling:

Schwinn Balance Bike: This is a neater option from one of the leading manufacturers with the very basic frame and tough features through the density of the material used in the basic frame. This bike can support maximum of 60 lbs weight

Strider – 12 Balance Bike: The classic version of the most successful balance cycle from Strider for the kids aged between 18 months and 5 years. The durable and tough design on this bike has made the quality of the bike to be ranked amongst the best in class for bikes for the age group. The rigid and dense frame is a class apart and can withhold an average weight of about 60 lbs.

KAZAM Classic Balance Bike: It is an unconventional and rigid cruiser model bike with contrasting features and redefined looks. It has the weight capacity up to 75 lbs. This bike is a fun theme for the kids and one amongst the best Balance Bikes that ensure the best experience for kids while they start off with the basics on Biking.

Go Glider Kids Balance Bike:This Bike is a step ahead for the selection of bikes for the kids aged between 3 Years and 5 Years. The Balance Bike with reinvented aspects is the better option for the kids to get the best on fun through biking activities. The denser material used in the frame ensures a durable and reliable source for the kids for a longer period with weight capacity up to 125 lbs which are maximum in this category.

Safety Feature

Many of the manufacturers have come up with innovative designs to meet the best safety requirements on the build of Bikes for the kids. Ensure you have an insight into the safety aspects as you select the bike for the kids. All the bikes are designed with standard safety features like handbrake, padded handlebar, and corrosion resistant body but, there are some unique features in each bike that set it apart from others as per different needs of kids.

Schwinn Balance Bike: The foot to floor design helps in an appropriate balancing and the parts are covered with quality covering materials that offer maximum protection in case child hits with the handle bar. Apart the mini saddle is fit for offering comfortable sitting.

Strider -12 Balance Bike: This bike is the lightest in the category and offers additional padding with a custom mini saddle. Along with this, you will find the mini grips that are the perfect fit for the toddlers and provide greater control and safety from the handlebar pads.

KAZAM Classic Balance Bike: The lightweight frame and the Handlebar are amongst the most refined assets on the bike that has been perfected for the finest comfort for the Kids. It is packed with all the safety features like handbrake, padded handlebar, and powder coated body.

Go Glider Kids Balance Bike:This is the good option for the toddlers as the slow speed design and mountain bike geometry helps in safer riding and better control. The removable foot pegs also support easy riding. Apart it comes with the handbrake for the additional safety purpose.

Adjustable Seats and Handlebars

Adjustable seats and handlebars are common on all Bikes, but the mechanism does give better aspects as compared to the fixed ones which have to be tediously adjusted with a spanner.

Schwinn Balance Bike: The bike has an excellent saddle and comes with adjustable seats.

Strider -12 Balance Bike: This is one of the best choices with easy grip mini saddle and adjustable seat. It is coming with standard size handle that is adjustable and padded with soft material for safety concerns. You will find adjustable handlebar and supportive handle grips that offer better control.

KAZAM Classic Balance Bike: This is an option for cost effective and features rich balance bikes with adjustable seat. The bike comes with adjustable handlebar and soft padding to prevent injuries.

Go Glider Kids Balance Bike: Needless to say this premium quality balance bike offers maximum features including adjustable seats. The adjustable handlebars help in managing the bike for custom requirements.


The tires are a very important part of the balance bike as it will determine whether it will be great for various types of surfaces. We have different basic tires in the market that would cater to the type of environment you live in. We have air, EVA foam, honeycomb rubber, hard plastic and fat boy to choose from.

Air: They are a well-rounded type and will work best on any surface. The only let down is you have a high risk of a flat tire but you can always have your handy sealant to take care of it.

EVA Foam: These are maintenance free and puncture resistant tires that are also as common as the air tires. These tires can adhere on paved surfaces but may lose grip on smooth flooring. Be cautious though, as the tread may quickly wear off as this are not as durable as the air tires.

Honeycomb: If you are looking for an elevated version of the foam tires in terms of adherence to surfaces and smoothness, this would be a perfect fit. It is also puncture resistant and definitely a better version than foam, however, being a fairly new technology makes it very uncommon.

Hard Plastic: This are to be only used indoors as it doesnt adhere on surfaces and doesn’t provide any shock absorption.

Fat Boy: are profiled to be the best in comfort. With it’s large volume of air, it creates a natural suspension without the use of any technology. Being an air tire, it is built for all terrain.


As a parent, safety is the number 1 priority for our kids that is why it is very important that we take into consideration the brakes attached. Normally, our kids will use their feet for a full stop but a reliable hand brake will help prevent any accident during accelerated speed. It also aides in teaching them the basic fundamentals of a “regular bike” instead of always relying on their feet for a full stop.


When we consider the handlebars, we have to keep in mind three things: height, reach and grip size. Different weight and age class have different requirements. And as your child grows, and so as their needs. We need to find something that would cater to it and will not be outgrown immediately.

It is also best for your child when they have enough space to lean towards the handlebars from the seat post. It definitely adds comfort to them while running and gliding.


This is an added feature but is not really present in most balance bikes. Generally, kids use their feet to glide but can still be utilized and won’t really be a hindrance with their stride if designed properly.

Footrests can also help your kid in mastering the art of balance. They naturally lift their feet and position them correctly to the footrest to maintain proper balance just like riding a regular bike.


Most warranties will only cover the frame and exclude the normal wear and tear. If the balance bike was bought from a reputable distributor, the warranty card will be present and will even offer extended warranty with an additional charge.


You may take advantage of it but always keep in mind the duration of the original warranty.






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