Kids Balance Bike Safety Showcase 2017

Our 2017 Kid’s Bike Safety Showcase is packed with our top picks for your child’s safety.  From helmets to safety pads we go over the best options to keep your child safe.


According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety organization ( based on the last 13 years of data cyclists that wear a helmet are less likely to suffer serious injury or death as a result of a crash.  74% of serious crashes involved a head injury and 97% of cyclist that died were not wearing helmets.  If these statistics are not grim enough 7% of serious accidents involved children 14 years or yonger.

Knowing such statistics are sobering but are also fair warning that this is sometimes a high risk sport and proper precaution must be taken, especially when your child’s health is involved.  The folllowing helmets were designed for safety & function.

Safety Gear

We have broken down our safety gear into three convenient sections , safety pads, gloves, and accessories.

Safety Pads

Face it your child is going to fall especially when learning.  Safety pads while the last thing to be considered when cycling should be among the first things considered when gearing up for a ride.


Riding gloves are especially helpful for those that have problems holding on.  There are times when one’s palms sweat and this can make holding on tricky.  The following are the leading gloves for children on sale.

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