Top 5 Best Power Wheels for Kids On Black Friday 2016

best power wheels

What child doesn’t relish the opportunity to jump on a toy that actually moves? And what’s better than when that toy moves under its own power? That’s one of the biggest draws of power wheels toys and it’s one of the reasons they’ve continued to be so popular with children of all ages. The best power wheels are the ones that let kids really get out there and have fun, but that is also going to be safe because above everything else, you want your child to be protected when they play. With power wheels, that’s actually getting easier because toy companies want to make sure that you’re going to keep buying their toys for your children and they know that the safer that toy is, the more likely that is to happen.

Top 5 Power Wheels for Kids on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016

Top 5 power wheels for the money 2016. Compare and choose the best power wheels on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for your kids.

Reviews of 5 Best Power Wheels & Ride On Cars for Kids

1. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer

The unique finish of this racer makes it actually look more like a race car than a dune racer, but that’s definitely not going to be a problem for your child. It also has several different color options available and has been rated as the best power wheels on the market.

Overall, this vehicle has a longer life overall. The warranty lasts for approximately 1 year, but the vehicle itself lasts much longer than this. It has metal bars on the sides to provide support for the vehicle itself as well as for anyone riding it, acting as a handlebar for whoever isn’t driving and there’s a gear shifter in the center just like a real car. The leg room is roomy enough for older children, even though the vehicle is designed for those between 3 and 7 years and it easily holds the weight of two older children as well. The battery is included so it only takes a little time for charging before the vehicle is ready to be driven. This Power Wheels Dune Racer is also designed to drive over different types of terrain, including grass, gravel, pavement and a whole lot more without getting stuck or slowing down.

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2. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Kawasaki KFX

This looks just like the four wheelers that your child has probably seen their older siblings or relatives ride and that means they’re going to love riding it themselves. With the unique style, this big green machine is going to allow your child to run roughshod all over your yard.

Just like a real ATV, this one allows you to shift gears using a throttle right on the handlebars and it has the same styling as a real ATV as well. The difference is that speed is achieved by pushing down on the gas pedal rather than a button on the handlebars. It’s easy to turn and maneuver as well as including stickers to make it even more stylish. The large wheels provide traction to go over rough and smooth terrain, including hills, pavement, gravel and grass. Also designed with a safety braking system to stop if there’s no longer pressure on the throttle (just like a real ATV) it’s intended to keep your child safer. Because it’s very close to a real ATV it’s also preparing your child for driving the real thing when they get a little bigger and is designed for children age 3 to 8.

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3. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

This best power wheels for girls is designed with a Disney Princess in mind. Though it does come in 10 different versions, this one includes stickers from the extremely popular movie, Frozen.

This vehicle is just like any Jeep Wrangler Power Wheel you’ve seen before, but with a nice little twist that your children will love, it’s designed after the movie Frozen. It has a realistic style to it that makes it seem (to your children anyway) just like the car that their parents drive and because they can bring a friend in the vehicle with them, it’s even more fun to drive. It’s easy to steer and also easy to make it go wherever they want. The colors, light blue and purple, fit the movie and it has a reasonable price that’s similar to most other power wheels for girls that are currently on the market. The steel frame also makes it safer than some options even if your children are a little rougher on their toys and it includes stickers that can be applied anywhere along with space in the back to transport items.

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4. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang

This Mustang is going to make your child feel just like they’ve won the lottery (if they knew what that was anyway). It’s fun and easy to drive and ride in and since they get to bring a friend along with them for the ride it’s even better. Your child will also be able to easily drive over different types of terrain and shouldn’t have any problem steering or getting in the vehicle even without opening doors. It does feature seat belts to keep them safer and cup holders so they can bring their own drinks for the ride. The inside panel looks similar to a real car and even has a ‘GPS screen’ and ‘radio’ that plays real music. The key will even ‘start the engine’ and produce realistic sounds of the car. Moderate to high pricing and plenty of options are available for this vehicle as well.

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5. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor With Trailer

If you live on or near a farm your child has probably seen someone on a tractor before and this is going to look just like that tractor, only smaller. With traditional green and yellow colors and even a trailer on the back, it’s going to make them feel just like a farmer themselves.

Among the best power wheels on the market, this John Deere tractor has traction tires that are designed to help it move quickly and easily over different types of terrain. It is also designed for the trailer to be left on while driving or removed and has the power to get both up and down hills reasonable well without getting stuck. It comes with a 12-volt battery and charger that’s rated to last hours between charges and can hold the weight of a child between 2 and 7 years old quite easily, even standing up to regular wear and tear. It’s intended to look like a farm tractor and pulls off a reasonably authentic style, especially with the trailer attached on the back for hauling crops and the traditional coloring and seat. It’s also simple to learn how to use, even for smaller and younger children.

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How to Choose the Best Power Wheels for Kids?

Before you pick one specific power wheels ride-on for your child, you want to make sure you’re getting the right one. Even though the first thing that your child is going to pay attention to is what it looks like (if it has their favorite character, for example), that’s not the first thing you need to see. Make sure it’s the right size, the right style and definitely make sure that it’s going to be safe.

Best Power wheels

  1. The Sizing: What is the recommended age for the power wheel you’re looking for? Is your child within that age range? If they’re not, or even if they are, are they the average size of a child within that age range? If they’re larger or smaller you might want to consider a different size power wheel to make sure it fits them properly.
  2. The Durability: Is this vehicle going to hold up under use? Is it going to work for at least a reasonable amount of time (whatever you feel to be reasonable)? If not you may want to look at something that seems a little stronger. If so, you may have found something that will work well for your child. This may also be where you want to see how adjustable it is and how long it may last as your child grows as well.
  3. The Safety: This is probably the most important aspect of all, but it’s something you’ll look at once you’ve decided if the power wheel is even a possibility based on other factors. Of course, this is going to be grounds to throw it off the list but you want to make sure that it isn’t going to go too fast (though your child won’t want it to go too slow) and you’re going to want at least basic safety features.
  4. The Appearance: This is the least important to you overall but it’s going to be the most important for your child because they want a power wheel that looks cool and especially if it looks like one of their favorite characters. Make sure you get something they’re really going to enjoy from the start.
  5. The Cost: This may actually be one of the first things that you look at though in the grand scheme it’s not quite as important as your child’s safety and the fun they have. It’s a realistic aspect however so make sure that you’re not paying more than what you think the toy is worth but keep in mind you get what you pay for in most instances.

Final Thought

Overall, the Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler comes out on top, as the best power wheels toy. With a price that comes out pretty close to the middle of all the options, it features a steel frame that is safer for children who like to ride a little fast or aren’t quite as good at steering but also features a traditional wheel that makes learning to steer easier. It has two seats which allow more than one child to ride and also has a back end for storing items and doors that open. Alongside this, it includes a ‘working’ radio that plays music and holds a charge over a long period of time.

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