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These 9 Amazing Features of Firstbike Balance Bike Will Make You Fall in Love with This Bike

If you begin to read this article it is far sure that you are interested in getting the best of the balance bikes either for your kid or for your niece or nephew  or some of your friend’s kid. This is quite an inevitable fact that only the parents or those who have kids in acquaintance are looking for the information related to the balance bikes and other such stuff to ensure that they are getting the best option for their kids. The features that are indispensable in making of the perfect balance bike can be easily found in the Firstbike balance bike. The following nine amazing features of this bike make it a perfect choice and set it ahead of the others in this category.


This is the prime concern that you do have about any of the balance bikes that you select for your kid. The Firstbike balance bike is considered as the best due to the following features that ensure safety at every level. You must select the bike that ensures compliance with the safety standards.

  1. The bike is designed in such a way that it offers enhanced frame flexibility that increases the shock absorption capacity of the bike which is quite important to safeguard your kid’s spinal cord.
  2. The second point that is inevitable in the balance bike is the braking system; the Firstbike balance bike has mastered this aspect in a perfect manner as the hand breaks mounted on the handle are designed to apply smooth retardation that gives jerk free braking, as well as drum brakes are safer than the V-brakes.
  3. The third point that cannot be denied at any point of time is the handle movements; the steering limiter feature of this bike controls the free and abrupt handle movements that give smooth rotation and limits the chances of free fall.


While purchasing any of the balance bikes you must look for the quality of the material as it affects the usability at a larger level. The bike must be manufactured in such a manner that it has the least chances for developing issues related to endurance which can prove to be harmful to the kids, like rusting of the brakes or the handle may result in sudden fall while riding.

  1. The Firstbike balance bike is manufactured from the patented material that is made up of the 30% glass-fiber enforced nylon composite which is rust free and provides increased durability. Apart this material is quite lightweight that supports the design and suits the standards defined for the age category between 2 to 5 years.


The third concern that comes to your mind after safety and endurance is the comfort that must be focused while manufacturing the balance bike. The bike shall offer comfortable seating, rounded corners to avoid scratch and firm gripping. The lightweight frame is one of the features that make the bike easy to ride without exerting extra efforts. It provides the kids with comfortable and stress-free biking that is unavailable with the bikes in this category due to heavier frames.

  1. This bike is having the specialized horse saddle shaped seat that gives excellent grip and comfort during riding. It safeguards the kid from falling off the seat in uphill or downhill riding alike the pedal bike seats. It is one of the unique features that are unavailable in the other bikes in this category.
  2. The second point that is important regarding the comfort level for the kids is the design that avoids any type of pointed screws or the sharp edges in the bike that may harm while riding. The Firstbike balance bike is using all the concealed screws that are almost invisible on the frame surface.
  3. The safety grips provided in this bike are quite comfortable and safe those are gentle on the palms and offer sweat free gripping to avoid the chance of slipping at larger extent. This is extremely important in the early stage when the kid is still developing confidence for riding the bike.


It is the most important point that can overrule all other concerns if ignored at any level. You will never buy the bike that is quite safe, durable and comfortable but doesn’t match the taste and style that you and your kid looks for in the bike.

  1. The design of the Firstbike balance bike is quite loved by the kids and follows all the standard norms that are crucial for designing the perfect balance bike. You can easily affix the accessories like the bell bottle holder and others as per your choice on the bike, it is designed to provide the custom height and seat lowering adjustments that make it fit for the kids in age group of 2 to 5 years in a stylish manner.


This is a decisive factor in the selection of the bikes for the kid because choosing any bike that is falling low on the technological aspects may bring unpleasant consequences at any time.

  1. The bike is made on the German Technology that uses the high-tech injection molding technology for manufacturing the frame of the bike. It ensures that there are no chances of breaking or damage in the frame at any point of time. It is quite essential to make the bike free from any accidental damage.

It is equally essential for you to choose the balance bike that is covering all the above concerns that help in selecting the best bike. If you are planning to buy a balance bike for the kid then you must consider buying the Firstbike as it is an excellent one that not only provides safety, comfort, style, and advanced technology but also will make your kind happy with the design and style. It is considered among the top selling balance bikes that are available on the different online shopping sites.

Benefits of a wooden balance bike

Among various activities, riding a bike is the most common sport that most parents often encourage their child to play. However, this playing process requires parents to spend time and effort with their children. Therefore, balance bike is now catching the attention of most parents and children due to its versatility and durable.

When intend to pick up one bike for their children, individuals often consider which type of balance bike they should buy for their child. They also pay attention to the materials, the durability and the comfort of this product. This article will show you some basic knowledge about the wooden balance bike for their children.

With the development of product, balance bike now comes in a wide range of sizes, colors and designs so that parents can pick up the most suitable for their kids. To illustrate, wooden and steel frames are two typical frames that go along with the balance bike. Hope after reading this part, you can get to know more about the benefits of the wooden balance bike.

Can be reused and recycled

In fact, those wooden balance bikes are often made from birch wood. The reason why the manufacturers choose to utilize this materials is because it can be renew and recycle after using for such a long time. For other types of bike, when they are out of date, people who take care of them anymore. However, this wooden balance bike allows users to recycle and reprocess after a long time using.

By recycling the materials of balance bike, this will help save the natural environment. Nowadays, some parents do not want to invest an amount of money on the balance bike. However, they have more chances to buy the used bike made from wood since they still remain the catchy and creative design.

Friendly-environment materials

According to some famous manufacturers of the Forest Stewardship Council, wooden balance bike is often made from materials with high-quality. Also, this type of materials is very friendly with the environment. FSC is the certified wood which is favored by parents who love to protect the environment.

Durable throughout time and changed environment

Actually, almost wooden balance bikes are made from lacquer veneer. Therefore, the veneer coating will protect your children’ bike from various changes of the weather. For parents who often worry that the bike will become older and easy to be damaged after a long time using, this wooden balance bike won’t make you disappoint.

Besides the fact that wooden balance bike is durable throughout the hard weathers, all the parts are very strong and versatility. For instance, all the parts are connected by screws bolts and glue.

Maintain the balance

When your child starts to practice riding bicycle, parents have to spend lots of time effort for taking care of them. However, with the wooden balance bike, you do not have worry that they will fall off the ground immediately. And for children who have practiced riding the balance bike, they will find it very easy to practice a normal in the future.

Riding a wooden balance bike gives your children chances to practice without falling off. Therefore, the child can experience the feeling of being a winner. Children are more likely to participate in different outdoor activities when they can overcome all the challenges during the playtime.

Benefits for the health and body

As mentioned above, children are familiar with riding a bike since they were young. For example, parents now can teach their 2 years old child to ride a balance bike in the most effective way. When children tend to take part in outdoor sports, they can maintain a healthy lifestyle during their lifetime.

In term of cycling, it will not only improve the healthy lifestyle, but the physical appearance of your child as well. They can reduce the risk of taking heart attack and cardiovascular disease. For parents who want to improve the height for their child, riding a wooden balance will help both lengthen and strengthen your legs as well as the thighs.

Nowadays, more and more parents are choosing this effective method for their children. Modern car balance is being produced more to fulfill the needs of their customers. As mentioned above, riding a wooden balance bike results in lots of benefits for individuals including:

  • Children can maintain the balance for the first balance easily during the practicing time
  • When using the wooden balance bike, children can experience the feeling of stability and flexibility.
  • They also gain confidencewhich encourage the children to take part in these activities more and more.To illustrate, children cannot know how they could balance on the balance bike. But once seated on the bike, they will understand the method.

Above are some features about the benefits of the wooden balance bike. Instead of picking one usual bike for your children to ride in their spare time, this type of bike is more convenient and durable. Why don’t pick up one and encourage your children to practice from today.

Strider balance bike – Best selection for your kids

At present Strider balance bikes are considered the best bikes for learning cycling particularly for children. Even the children who are only 2 years can learn cycling from this balance bikes. There are some reasons behind its being best suited bikes for teaching cycling to children.

 Especially designed for the children of different age

Strider’s balance bikes are available for different ages of children. This characteristic is very    helpful for the children because they can adjust especially the height of the bikes according to their need and can easily learn cycling. The aim of these strider’s bikes is to make the teaching of the cycling easy even for the children who are just 18 months.

Easy to learn the steering techniques

Well, learning the steering techniques is one of the basic things of cycling and for the children and it is not so easy to learn. But the especial design of the strider bikes makes this thing also easy. It has been observed that children learn steering techniques faster when they use strider bilks.

These bikes have really simple design

A simple thing is always helpful when you are learning something. Keeping this fact in mind the design of the Strider bikes is deliberately kept simple. These bikes don’t have breaks. It helps the children to understand the taking off or the stooping of a bike easily. The tires of this bike are heavy. This means that you don’t have to worry about the surface ground where you are teaching the children cycling. These tires can endure any kind of surface. The wheels can roll a long way without pumping the tires and this is because of the high quality of the tires. These bikes do not have the stabilizers,. This thing has an especial purpose. The sole purpose of these bikes is to teach the children balancing their bicycle but the striders are not necessary for balancing. So they are avoided.

Height and weight of these bikes are really helpful for cycling

The weight of the strider bikes is really low. The weight of these bikes is around 3Kg which is very much helpful for the children. This low weight of the bike is especially designed for the children. They find it immensely easy to ride bikes when they are trying it with a less weighted bike. The height of these bikes is deliberately kept low. It allows the children to always have an advantage of reaching the ground. So when you are teaching cycling to the children it gives them an extra advantage. The height is also adjustable from 11 inch to 16 inch. All these qualities make the strider bikes a perfect bike for teaching cycling.

Strider bikes are colorful

You must remember that the children learn fast and effectively when they learn through entertainment. Keeping that thing in mind the strider bikes are available in various colors. Several observations say that if the color of the bike is not favored by a child then it becomes more difficult for the children to learn cycling. So whatever is your favorite color may be the strider bikes are available in that color. The tire rims are also important. A colorful tire rim is always attractive for the children. So keeping that thing in mind the tire rim of the strider bike is available in several colors.

The striders are longer lasting

When you are thinking about the teaching of cycling to the children then the question of longevity of the bikes very naturally comes. It is obvious that during the process of the teaching of cycling the bikes will not be handled smoothly. So the strider bikes are especially manufactured so that they can endure the probable heavy uses. It does not become discolored very easily. Although the weight of this bike is not so much, the metals used for these bikes are of high quality. Another thing is that heavy rain or sunlight cannot also do much harm even of the color of these bikes.

Scientists say that if a child learns cycling early in his or her life then it is probable that the child will possess a great coordination and balance in the later part of his or her life. But learning cycling is not so easy especially for the children. But with the help of the Strider bikes it becomes easier. There are several imitations of strider bikes available in the market. This very fact suggests that the strider bikes are really quality bikes and very much helpful for cycling.

Why Strider Balance Bikes Are Best Suited For Children?

Balance bikes have come of age and in the modern world they are seen as the best way to learn cycling. Children as young as 2 years pick up balance skills easily which makes them ready for pedal bikes in no time at all. Balance bikes fulfil the scientifically proven fact that learning to ride a bike early is a great way for the child to increase balance and coordination. This is one aspect that comes in handy throughout life.

Balance Bike Specialists

Since Strider specializes in balance bikes they ensure that each of their age specific balance bikes is an exact fit for the balance bikes needs of the child at that age.

Strider balance bikes have one aim and that is to focus on the developing balancing skills on two wheels. They also help to teach children steering techniques easily. The balance bikes have been designed to ensure that right from the age of 18 months the child can enjoy a ride and not realize that they have mastered balance and proper steering techniques.

Simple Design

Striders don’t have brakes and the simple design is easy for even young toddlers to understand and take off. These bikes also have solid tires that are good to go on rough and smooth surfaces alike. Made of EVA polymer the wheels just keep rolling without you having to pump or the tires going flat. Striders have foot rests which is a big advantage which encourages children to free-wheel which actually teaches children balance. Also the bike does not have stabilizers as that does not teach balance.

Just the right height

Strider balance bikes are sturdy metal bikes that are also light. The balance bikes weigh about 3kg which is just the ideal bike weight for small riders. Striders can be adjusted easily to fit height requirements and can be increased between 11 to 16 inches. Heights of Strider balance bikes are kept low so that children can place their feet on the ground easily. The seats can also be adjusted to increase or lower the height of the seat post. They ensure that the child is comfortably seated but can reach the ground with their feet when required.


Versatile and colorful

The Strider bike is versatile and so is able to meet the needs of the new learner as well as the older child with close to expert abilities! Most children love the striders because they can get to pick a bike in their favorite color be it blue, green, orange, pink, red, and yellow. Also now the tire rims of the Strider balance bikes are colored too. Since the handlebars and seats are adjustable from 20″ – 22″ they can be adjusted as your child grows. The footrest allows them to rest their feet whenever they want and the older children just love to glide downhill so they love the footrest.

Why Strider?

There are a number of balance bike in the market and any of them could be a good choice. The choice in favor of Strider is that they resemble real bikes as close as possible. The frame, the wheels, handles and grip are similar to real bikes. These bikes can go long distance and they can be ridden on ay surface be it grass, metal road, or rough dirt road. They will perform as well on any surface and children who love racing know that the bike will get them to the winning post as swiftly. They can be steered easily as the handlebars have padding for added protection.

Striders are rough and tough

The Strider bikes are lightweight but they are made to last. They will take a great amount of abuse as children tend to use them any which way. Children take their Striders into any kind of terrain including the beach and even leave them out in the rain and snow. Since they can travel in all kinds of terrains children push them harder over rough surfaces but these balance bikes will retain their performance as well as all their bright colors.

The Final word

The very fact that there are so many Strider balance bikes imitations proves how good Striders are. For one they have been designed by a bike company and not a toy company. Strider bikes inspire children to learn bike riding because they function so well. They are so well built that children feel confident about riding them even if they are a mere 18 months old. Moreover the company continues to develop the bike and add new improvements after due research and on ground testing. So if you want your children to learn to ride, to race and to explore the world a little beyond their homes then the right choice for them is a Strider balance bike.

Skuut Wooden Balance Bike


Are you looking for a balance bike for your child? Or perhaps you want to gift a balance bike to a loved one. You might have been looking all over retail stores and on the Internet without being able to make up your mind about which one to buy. I hope that by sharing my experience with the Skuut wooden balance bike, you would be better able to make an informed decision about the best balance bike out there.

Great Features of this bike

What makes the Skuut wooden balance bike different from others?

I had conducted an extensive research of the balance bikes market and found that these features differentiated Skuut wooden balance bikes from the others:

  • Feature 1: I found this bike very easy to assemble. I could get it done in 10 minutes flat! If you are concerned about the complicated assembly that is the hallmark of other bikes generally, you don’t have to worry about that for this one.
  • Feature 2: The entirely wooden frame is safe and does not have any spokes or bolts that poke out which could cause bruises or cuts in children. Even when my child had a fall, he was not hurt from the bike.
  • Feature 3: It is lightweight. At just 10.8 pounds, this makes it so much easier to carry around or lift up when needed.

Benefits of customer when using this product

If you are a parent of a child, like me, you would undoubtedly be very meticulous about the safety and comfort of products that you buy for your children. As parents, we do not like to compromise on these for our child. These are the benefits of the Skuut wooden balance bike that I found:

  • It helps children develop the balance they need for riding bigger bikes as they grow older, without the complications of pedals. Once they get the balance they need from this bike, they can effortlessly move onto larger bikes. It would take less time for them to balance on such bikes if they have had experience with the Skuut balance bike.
  • It helped my child develop the control and coordination needed to steer a bike. Having this made him a lot more confident about moving onto a bigger bike.
  • It can carry children of different weights, up to 75 lbs., which makes it perfect for almost all children up to the age of 5.
  • The seat height is adjustable to different heights, making it perfect for children who are as young as 20 months old to a 5 year old.
  • It is entirely made of wood, which makes it more eco-friendly. For every bike sold, the company that make these bikes (Diggin) plants a tree, which is great news if you are environmentally conscious like me.
  • This bike has won numerous awards, including The Oppenheim Gold Seal and Creative Top Toy of the year.
  • The tires and tubes can be easily replaced without any hassles.

Shop now at

Pros and Cons of Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

Who should buy this bike?

You should consider buying this product if you are the parent of a child who is between 2 and 5 years old. It is the bike for you if you want to transition your child to a bigger bike without going through the hassle of training wheels for your child. If you want to help your child develop balance, coordination, and steering skills even before he gets onto a bigger bike, then this is the bike for you.


Some tips for you when using this product

  • If your child is very young or has shorter legs, you might need to do a special adjustment on the Skuut wooden balance bike to get things going smoothly. All you have to do is flip the frame over by moving the saddle and fork to the other side so that the angle of the head tube and height of the saddle is perfectly low slung for your child’s legs.
  • Make sure that you don’t leave the bike out in the open when it is raining or snowing as this is made of wood.
  • It would be better to store this bike indoors, even if it is sunny outside.
  • It would be wise to avoid using the bike on roads made of gravel as there could be a risk to the tires.


The Skuut wooden balance bike is perfectly designed for children within the age range of 2 to 5 years of age. It helps them develop the coordination and balance required for larger bikes very quickly. This bike is very durable and lasts very long. It is attractive, comfortable, and safe for children.


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