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Strider balance bike – Best selection for your kids

At present Strider balance bikes are considered the best bikes for learning cycling particularly for children. Even the children who are only 2 years can learn cycling from this balance bikes. There are some reasons behind its being best suited bikes for teaching cycling to children.

 Especially designed for the children of different age

Strider’s balance bikes are available for different ages of children. This characteristic is very    helpful for the children because they can adjust especially the height of the bikes according to their need and can easily learn cycling. The aim of these strider’s bikes is to make the teaching of the cycling easy even for the children who are just 18 months.

Easy to learn the steering techniques

Well, learning the steering techniques is one of the basic things of cycling and for the children and it is not so easy to learn. But the especial design of the strider bikes makes this thing also easy. It has been observed that children learn steering techniques faster when they use strider bilks.

These bikes have really simple design

A simple thing is always helpful when you are learning something. Keeping this fact in mind the design of the Strider bikes is deliberately kept simple. These bikes don’t have breaks. It helps the children to understand the taking off or the stooping of a bike easily. The tires of this bike are heavy. This means that you don’t have to worry about the surface ground where you are teaching the children cycling. These tires can endure any kind of surface. The wheels can roll a long way without pumping the tires and this is because of the high quality of the tires. These bikes do not have the stabilizers,. This thing has an especial purpose. The sole purpose of these bikes is to teach the children balancing their bicycle but the striders are not necessary for balancing. So they are avoided.

Height and weight of these bikes are really helpful for cycling

The weight of the strider bikes is really low. The weight of these bikes is around 3Kg which is very much helpful for the children. This low weight of the bike is especially designed for the children. They find it immensely easy to ride bikes when they are trying it with a less weighted bike. The height of these bikes is deliberately kept low. It allows the children to always have an advantage of reaching the ground. So when you are teaching cycling to the children it gives them an extra advantage. The height is also adjustable from 11 inch to 16 inch. All these qualities make the strider bikes a perfect bike for teaching cycling.

Strider bikes are colorful

You must remember that the children learn fast and effectively when they learn through entertainment. Keeping that thing in mind the strider bikes are available in various colors. Several observations say that if the color of the bike is not favored by a child then it becomes more difficult for the children to learn cycling. So whatever is your favorite color may be the strider bikes are available in that color. The tire rims are also important. A colorful tire rim is always attractive for the children. So keeping that thing in mind the tire rim of the strider bike is available in several colors.

The striders are longer lasting

When you are thinking about the teaching of cycling to the children then the question of longevity of the bikes very naturally comes. It is obvious that during the process of the teaching of cycling the bikes will not be handled smoothly. So the strider bikes are especially manufactured so that they can endure the probable heavy uses. It does not become discolored very easily. Although the weight of this bike is not so much, the metals used for these bikes are of high quality. Another thing is that heavy rain or sunlight cannot also do much harm even of the color of these bikes.

Scientists say that if a child learns cycling early in his or her life then it is probable that the child will possess a great coordination and balance in the later part of his or her life. But learning cycling is not so easy especially for the children. But with the help of the Strider bikes it becomes easier. There are several imitations of strider bikes available in the market. This very fact suggests that the strider bikes are really quality bikes and very much helpful for cycling.

Why Strider Balance Bikes Are Best Suited For Children?

Balance bikes have come of age and in the modern world they are seen as the best way to learn cycling. Children as young as 2 years pick up balance skills easily which makes them ready for pedal bikes in no time at all. Balance bikes fulfil the scientifically proven fact that learning to ride a bike early is a great way for the child to increase balance and coordination. This is one aspect that comes in handy throughout life.

Balance Bike Specialists

Since Strider specializes in balance bikes they ensure that each of their age specific balance bikes is an exact fit for the balance bikes needs of the child at that age.

Strider balance bikes have one aim and that is to focus on the developing balancing skills on two wheels. They also help to teach children steering techniques easily. The balance bikes have been designed to ensure that right from the age of 18 months the child can enjoy a ride and not realize that they have mastered balance and proper steering techniques.

Simple Design

Striders don’t have brakes and the simple design is easy for even young toddlers to understand and take off. These bikes also have solid tires that are good to go on rough and smooth surfaces alike. Made of EVA polymer the wheels just keep rolling without you having to pump or the tires going flat. Striders have foot rests which is a big advantage which encourages children to free-wheel which actually teaches children balance. Also the bike does not have stabilizers as that does not teach balance.

Just the right height

Strider balance bikes are sturdy metal bikes that are also light. The balance bikes weigh about 3kg which is just the ideal bike weight for small riders. Striders can be adjusted easily to fit height requirements and can be increased between 11 to 16 inches. Heights of Strider balance bikes are kept low so that children can place their feet on the ground easily. The seats can also be adjusted to increase or lower the height of the seat post. They ensure that the child is comfortably seated but can reach the ground with their feet when required.


Versatile and colorful

The Strider bike is versatile and so is able to meet the needs of the new learner as well as the older child with close to expert abilities! Most children love the striders because they can get to pick a bike in their favorite color be it blue, green, orange, pink, red, and yellow. Also now the tire rims of the Strider balance bikes are colored too. Since the handlebars and seats are adjustable from 20″ – 22″ they can be adjusted as your child grows. The footrest allows them to rest their feet whenever they want and the older children just love to glide downhill so they love the footrest.

Why Strider?

There are a number of balance bike in the market and any of them could be a good choice. The choice in favor of Strider is that they resemble real bikes as close as possible. The frame, the wheels, handles and grip are similar to real bikes. These bikes can go long distance and they can be ridden on ay surface be it grass, metal road, or rough dirt road. They will perform as well on any surface and children who love racing know that the bike will get them to the winning post as swiftly. They can be steered easily as the handlebars have padding for added protection.

Striders are rough and tough

The Strider bikes are lightweight but they are made to last. They will take a great amount of abuse as children tend to use them any which way. Children take their Striders into any kind of terrain including the beach and even leave them out in the rain and snow. Since they can travel in all kinds of terrains children push them harder over rough surfaces but these balance bikes will retain their performance as well as all their bright colors.

The Final word

The very fact that there are so many Strider balance bikes imitations proves how good Striders are. For one they have been designed by a bike company and not a toy company. Strider bikes inspire children to learn bike riding because they function so well. They are so well built that children feel confident about riding them even if they are a mere 18 months old. Moreover the company continues to develop the bike and add new improvements after due research and on ground testing. So if you want your children to learn to ride, to race and to explore the world a little beyond their homes then the right choice for them is a Strider balance bike.

Strider st-4 no-pedal balance bike


For a small child, learning how to ride a bike is difficult. Unfortunately, this makes it really scary to try for the first time. Once your child overcomes their fear to ride a tricycle however, they are then faced with the even scarier task of moving to a 2-wheel bike. Is it any wonder that so many of our children don’t learn how to ride a bike? But now there’s something called a balance bike to help children develop the skills they need for a 2-wheel bike without all the fear. The Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike is one of these and it helps your child learn to balance and move in ways that are essential for a 2-wheel bike before they even start.

Top Features of the Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike

There are several features of this bike that make it a good choice even among other no-pedal balance bikes.

  • Handlebars – The handlebars are low and flat rather than curved like most bikes, making it easier for your child to grab on. They also have a quick release to allow for easy adjusting (since your child is going to be growing pretty quickly at this age). They also are 43% smaller around than most handlebars to fit your child’s hand and they have extra padding to make them more comfortable.
  • Seat – Also easily adjustable for your growing child, the seat of the Strider ST-4 is low to the ground, making it much easier for your child to reach the ground if they need to stop suddenly. It adjusts between 11” and 16” and has a small seat that fits your child’s smaller frame.
  • Wheels – Each wheel is made of a single piece of ultra-light steel in a 12-inch circle for easy motion.
  • Tires – The tires are made with EVA Polymer and are guaranteed to never go flat. They are also custom-made in one piece with the wheels.
  • Footrest – Perfect for your child to put their feet up and out of the way when riding their balance bike, the footrests are built into the bike and have a space for both feet to rest easily and comfortably while still being easy to move in case of sudden stops.

Benefits of Customer when using this product

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Your child is going to want to ride a 2-wheel bike and if they aren’t able to progress from a tricycle that just isn’t going to happen. Your child will feel upset, uncomfortable and possibly even embarrassed around their friends because they haven’t been able to learn what they need to in order to ride a 2-wheel bike. With the Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike they don’t have to worry about any of that. Some of the benefits of this particular product are:

  • Racing style that smaller children love
  • Quick release adjustments for the seat and handlebars
  • Long lasting paint finish
  • Sealed cartridge bearings for easier and smoother motion
  • Perfect fit for children 18 months to 5 years old
  • Reduces fear when children switch to a 2-wheel bike
  • Improves safety for your child

Pros and Cons Of Strider ST-4

These pros and cons of this excellent bike will help you in knowing what to expect from this bike:

Who is this bike Made For?

If your child is getting to the age where they would normally get a tricycle but you’re not sure you want one or even if your child has already had a tricycle but you want to make sure they are prepared for a 2-wheel bike the Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike is a great choice.

How to using this Bike

In order to get the most out of this bike your child needs to understand balance. In order to get used to the bike your child need only sit on it and walk.

The seat is low to the ground so they can easily reach the ground from it. When they walk it helps them learn to balance the bike straight. Once they are comfortable with that they can run (instead of walking) and pick their feet up, allowing the bike to move them forward quickly.

They will be required to balance however, if they can’t balance the bike they can easily reach the ground to put their feet down and balance again. This helps them learn the balance necessary for a 2-wheel bike without the fear and uncertainty of falling.


Riding a 2-wheel bike is a big step for most children. As they get older they want to ride with their friends or they want to ride on their own and a tricycle just isn’t going to cut it. If you want to help get your child on that 2-wheel bike faster than the Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike is a great way to start. It will help them balance, help them gain confidence and improve their abilities before you put that 2-wheel bike in front of them.

Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike Reviews


If you are looking for the perfect bike for your kids then Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike is what you need. With this bike, Strider reassures its mission statement of developing bikes that boost your kid’s confidence using state of the art design and features.

Ryan McFarland (Founder of Strider) believes that this bike has the potential to have everything that you could possibly look for in your kids’ bike.

This balance bike is one of the three kinds of Strider 12 No-Pedal Balance Bike. It is quite similar to its ancestor ST-4 with slight changes in appearance and the seat post.

For your convenience, in this review we have put together the features, pros and cons of this balance bike. This will help you in making the right choice of the bike you want for your kids.

Great Features of Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

  • Handlebar -This bike includes many new and unique features starting with its 12.7mm steel handlebar that helps in giving your kids a better control over the bike. To keep your kids’ hands safe, this handle is covered in small sized grips.
  • Wheels – One of the features that make this bike is one of the lightest is its wheels. The wheels are five-spoke exclusively designed by Strider with high quality bearings.
  • Tires – This Bike includes EVA polymer tires that are durable, light in weight and do not require any maintenance.
  • Seats are made from a durable material and are positioned in such a way that your little boy/girl sits comfortably throughout the ride. For kids over the age of 3 years, Strider 12 Sport comes with an extra-longseat post and a padded seat.
  • Brake mounts are of high quality, unique and adjustable for your kids with ages varying from 18 months to over 3 years. These brake mounts help your kids in order to easily stop his bike using his feet.
  • Footrest is placed in a very natural manner that assists your kids in maintaining his balance during a ride. It is installed within the frame of the bike.

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Benefits to Customers when using this product

There are a number of benefits to parents as well as kids who buy this great balance bike. Some of these are listed below:

  • It is one of the safest and the most balanced bike available in town for your kid so you as a parent don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids when they are out riding this bike.
  • Strider 12 Sport No-pedal balance bike is made for kids with age ranging from 18 months to 5 years which makes this bike a good investment for your kids as it can be used for quite some time.
  • It comes in a variety of colors so you have a lot of options to choose from.

How a kid can start training with a Strider Bike? Now, watching this video:

Pros and Cons of Product

In this section, we will provide you with the pros and cons given to Strider 12 Sport No-pedal Balance Bike by the parents who have bought this product for their kids.

These pros and cons will help you in knowing what to expect from this bike.

Who should buy this Bike?

Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike can be bought by the parents whose kids are 18 months up till 5 years of age.

If you have just started training your kids and you want this whole process to go by safely without developing any kind of fear in your kids, then Strider 12 Sport should be your purchase.

It is most suitable for parents who are looking for a more flexible ride for their kids with adjustment options for seat and handlebar.

Also, if your kids are growing up and you want to enhance or polish their bike riding skills then this bike should surely be your purchase.

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Some of tips for you when using this product

  • Although this bike is quite safe for your kids, you should never forget a few things before telling your kids to go on a ride on the bike.
  • First and the most important thing is to buy a helmet for your kids and train him/her to wear it whenever he/she ride their bike. Helmet will give your kids extra protection.
  • Secondly, you should never leave your toddler unattended while he/she rides the bike so that in case of any problem you would be there to help him/her out.
  • Finally, you should appreciate your kids and encourage him/her to ride the bike more often, this way you boost his/her confidence.


Being one of the finest bikes in town, Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike will be the right choice for your kids. It will surely not disappoint you.

In our review we have tried to provide as much insight regarding this bike as we can. We hope that now you will be able to make your decision wisely. Wishing you a happy bike riding experience with your little ones and their Strider Balance Bike.

Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike


If you are looking for a classic bike for your beginner rider, then Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike offers a great deal of features which would definitely force you to select them. Many customers have said that it is a love at first sight balance bike for their young kid who is still learning to ride her first bike. If your 18 months baby wants to ride and balance a 2 wheeler, focus on fundamental motion skills, without using pedals, or any complicated training sessions, then you should definitely read more. You must read out this complete review to know what fascinating features the product offers its young customers.

Outstanding features every customer should be aware

Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike show a great way of learning to the beginner riders who are not yet comfortable with pedaling. The bike helps your kids balance and builds confidence in them by eliminating the fear of falling. You should read on to know more about the pros and cons of this bike in order to help you decide if you can go ahead and buy it for your little ones.

There are definitely many advantages of selecting and riding this bike because of which it is almost a must to have the bike at least in every other homes these days.

Here are some excellent features you must check out.

  • Lightweight and maintenance free: The bike is the lightest among its series. Hence it is easy to use and ride for the delicate toddlers.
  • Easy adjustments: For growing children this bike lets you make some quick and easy adjustments over the seat and the handle-bar.
  • Handle bars: If you are interested in seeing bikes with customizable handlebars, then this is the best option for you. It also prevents injuries in case your kids falls off from the bike while riding.
  • Seat: The seats are cushioned very well and can be adjusted to suit a 5 years old kid as well. It has a safety pad which lets you ride smoothly and protect when you fall.
  • Cool look: One of the coolest looking features of this bike is that it has a customizable handle which has a number plate

Pros and Cons of Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike

Considering various reviews online, we have composed a list of pros and cons in order to give you a better idea about what and how this product is. To help understand the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of this classic bike, you must know the below highlights:

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Benefits to Customer when using this product

There are a number of benefits to parents as well as kids who buy Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike. Read below to know more.

  • This is a great bike for the beginners and helps them to balance even though they are not comfortable pedaling themselves.
  • They are quite inexpensive
  • The seats as well as the handles are very adjustable to a certain height
  • Wheels are easily maintainable

Who is the product meant for?

Do you have kids especially who are toddlers? Then you should think about buying this bike. These bikes are very much suitable for the toddlers who are still learning how to bike. Besides that it comes with no pedal and has mechanisms to learn balancing.

Even though your toddler does not know to ride or balance, then these bikes are best for them because they learn how to balance by trying to ride this bike on their own. Once they learn to balance, then they are good to ride any sophisticated bikes they want.

Learn some tricks and tips when you use the bike

Here are some handy tips and tricks on how Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike can be used:

  • If your toddler is not an experienced bike rider, you can let him or her handle to balance by riding this bike.
  • As the kid grows taller, you can easily adjust the handle-bar as well as the seat adjusting to their height.
  • If the child is between 18-36 months, you can use the mini seat. If your child is between 36-60 months, then you can use an additional padding for the extra long seat to make it suitable for sitting.


Whether you have a toddler who knows to ride a bike or not, this Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike lets them learn biking all on their own. It lets your kids to explore balancing, pedaling and footworking on their own without your help. This simplified bike eliminates the need for pedaling until your kids learn to balance on their own. So what could be more advantageous than this features for a young toddler?