Everything You Need to Know About Cycling With a Baby

Having a baby recently? It’s a new birth not only for the baby but also for you as a new birth of a mother. The hardships a newly become mother is no less than any hard work. Starting from the conceiving of a baby to the labor pains, from giving birth a baby to leading the baby to grow up. Growing up the infants to toddlers is again a very different path and hard enough to cope-up with.

Ladies face hardships with not only the baby but with their own body too. A high need of getting a proper shape to your loosen belly arises just as you feel the time for exercise. And the very thought of how to reduce comes through cycling. So here are few do’s and don’ts and what you need to know about cycling with a baby through the roadways.

Is it safe riding with an infant?

The answer is that it’s not quite safe riding a bike with your baby. Doctors say that an infant of not less than six months is not able to hold themselves. At the time of birth, the babies have more bones than a grown up child. Babies at the initial period have 300 bones in their body. While until more than five and a half months old babies, even don’t have knee caps. So it is advisable even not to make the babies seat for more than five minutes. Yes, you can give a comfortable seat for your baby by putting pillows behind or letting them sleep half. The body of a newborn baby is so fragile that the baby needs intensive care for each and every move it wishes to make.

Though if you are really in need to go for cycling with your baby, there are some baby seats available which you can surely try for your baby.

How old your baby should be?

Experts say babies less than 5 months should not be let sit alone on their own. They need support to keep themselves upright. Though, it is not at all suggestive to let them sit even with support more than half an hour. But curious mothers can have a short ride with her infant with the help of a carry belt bag. A baby carry bag is very much in use for mothers and babies.

The advantage of baby carriers bags is that the mother and baby can stay in touch with each other. A baby in its infant age needs more attachment and a touch of her mother to feel safe from the new world. You can easily have your baby in your arms and set off on a bike giving lovely kisses to your baby anytime.

For your fast growing babies!

Babies above 6 months can easily sit by themselves as they can now balance their body. But it cannot be said that it is safe riding with your little baby on a bicycle freely. The head and even body parts are still very new and fragile to get a thrust. The paddling and thrusts while riding a bicycle may make your baby uncomfortable.


Parents should take utmost care when riding out with your babies. Some very useful seats have been designed especially for cycling with babies.

A rear mount baby carrier specially designed for carrying babies on your bicycle is in high demand among parents. You and your baby can sit comfortably near each other. The other good part of it is that it can be fitted either on the front or back seat of your bicycle.

Another very comfortable seat for your babies is a front mounted baby carrier with special leg rests to stop feet getting trapped in the spokes. Your baby can happily move about with you along the streets with a smile on the face.

A bike mount seat for your babies in front of you while cycling is one of the best choices for your little ones. There are flexible belts that fix your babies upright in the seat and even a safeguard from the unwanted weather.

A double baby trailer is also a very safe way to take your babies out for a ride on the streets. A weatherproof shelter and a comfortable seat are all your babies want for an outing. The trailer can be attached to your bicycle from the back of your bicycle that brings the trailer along with you on the bike.

A baby cot entirely on your bike! What do you think of giving a thought to this idea? Yes, it is very safe and quite comfortable for your cutie pie to enjoy the ride. No doubt you have to accessories your bicycle accordingly to fix a mini baby cot cum pram on it. Yet it is hard to paddle with such weight, so think twice before actually making it happen.

What precautions you should remember while riding with your baby?

A beautiful weather and a bright day definitely call for an outing on the gardens and streets. Many times, your baby sleeps at the same time when you wish of having a ride with your bicycle. To match with the situation you can easily take your bike and your baby seat attached to the bike and set off on the street. But the important precautions you should not at all forget should be taken in hand.


Yes, we have plenty of bike seats available for your little ones, but it is not suggestive to take your baby out unless you make your baby safe with a helmet.

You can easily find cute helmets that your babies will love a lot. Baby head is very soft; a mere fall from your bike can cause serious injuries. Many parents feel easy riding with babies, but it is not the same all time. Parents find the probability of falling so less similar to falling while walking on the straight ground. But out of being overconfident, parents should be rather more possessive in this case.

Babies sometimes fell asleep while the ongoing ride on a bicycle. In such case, it should be taken high care that the baby doesn’t fall aside. The belts of the baby seat should be firmly attached to the baby. Furthermore, the baby should have a resting pad where the baby can rest his\her head on.

It is more suggestible to have a bike kind of tricycle. If in any case, you might lose your balance it is a safety that protects from a fall. A tricycle proves best to balance best on streets with rough roads. The possibilities become nil to fall from a tricycle.

Once your baby is old enough to go biking with you, you will have plenty of options to add a connection to your bicycle. Mothers can happily reduce their bellies after delivery while having a ride with their loving angels. All moms can choose their choice of carriers for their only baby or even your twins and triplets. Moms can even get a choice for their both children of different age. But precise buying your career makes a list of your necessities.

Let us know your views for the information we provided for your comfort with your baby and a ride on the street on your bike.

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