Some important things parents should know to ensure the bicycle safety of their kids

In the mind of our kids, it is probably undeniable that their bicycles will be an unforgettable friend in the childhood with valuable experiences. Bikes for kids are not only the very first mean of transportation in their whole life, but also a close friend when parents are always absent from home and have no time to play with them.

For parents, who are very hard-working to earn money to meet their family’s material demands, bikes play a major role in supporting their kids’ spiritual upbringing. Parents find it easy to understand that instead of being overweight because of much time sitting on the sofa, watching TV and eating snacks, their kids can spend time on bicycling outside with their friends and being active without their busy parents.

In addition, bicycling is very useful to enhance the physical and spiritual development of kids and develop other important soft skills which kids will need to have in their future. However, the way parents guide their kids to ride a bike is absolutely important and hard to practice. Therefore, in this article, we provide parents with useful notices to help them guide their kids to ride a bike in the most effective and safety way.

When guiding your kids to ride a bike, it’s important to emphasize them these following highlights:

1. Riding in a straight line

This skill seems to be very simple; however; very essential for kids to ride safely. When joining in the complicated traffic with many vehicles in the street, kids are supposed to ride in a straight line for some reasons:

  • To ensure that other vehicles can avoid them when transporting.
  • To prevent them from any unexpected accident.
  • Not to break the traffic rules and ensure their bicycle safety.

Understanding the importance of riding in a straight line is not much difficult; however, by which way can we guide our kids to ride exactly? Take these following steps which can help parents to take it easier.
  • Take your kids to a park or empty parking in which there are not many vehicles or even no vehicle is an ideal one.
  • Try to find a straight paint line on the pavement.
  • Guide your kids to ride their bikes on the line as exactly as possible.
  • Motivate your kids to practice riding on the line daily until they can do themselves.

It might take some days or even months to practice, but your kids will find more confident to ride safely on the street. Moreover, kids will develop other important skills when joining traffic and protect themselves from traffic accidents.

2. Looking back to turn left/ right without swerving

When being in the very complicated traffic, kids should learn some crucial tricks which can help them to tackle with basic regulations or certain circumstances on the road. One of the important tricks is to look back before changing the direction without swerving. The reason here is that swerving can make your kids lose their bicycle control and find it easier to get a crash to other means of transportation.

So, what should parents do to help them practice changing the direction but for swerving?

  • Imitate a crossroad in the park and give kids a chance to tackle with the changing direction.
  • Tell them to ride more slowly and look back a little bit.
  • Turn left or right slowly and continue to be careful with other vehicles.
  • Usual practice until your kids are good.

3. Stopping and control the speed

Kids are extremely active, especially, when they are with friends or excited, which can make them easier to lose their bicycle control. Therefore, it’s important for parents to motivate them to practice riding and tackling with some urgent situations, which can:

  • Enhance their reflex in traffic
  • Avoid traffic accidents as much as possible.

To sum up, it can be inevitable that traffic accidents might occur anytime and anywhere with your kids, particularly, but for our parents’ control. Therefore, in order to limit the traffic accidents, parents are suggested equipping their kids with these mentioned- above important notices. In spite of various difficulties which prevent your kids from being familiar with the complex traffic; practicing daily or weekly can motivate them to tackle with urgent situations when riding. As a result, they will be safer to ride their own bikes.

Please show your kids how dangerously they can suffer if they are careless when riding a bike and be patient to practice with them. As parents, we are supposed to guide them ride in a straight line, look back to change the direction without swerving, stop and control their bicycle speed. Finally, it is hoped that these above notices can be useful for parents and their kids as well to ensure their safety when riding a bike.

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