Riding bicycle improves the height of your children

One of the most concerns that parents often care about their children is the height. To illustrate, the height has a huge impact on the body as well as the physique of their children. To illustrate, most nutritional factors accounts for 30%, while genetic factors only account for 23% and the impact of physical activity was 20%.

The researchers have shown that, teaching your children how to ride a bike at the early age will bring lots of benefits to their health, especially cycling properly 3-6 hours a week on a regular basis. As a result, it helps the baby improve their health properly. There are many tips that parents can consider to pick up the riding exercises for their children. Let’s check out this article.

Among different things, parents should keep in mind some information so that they can know how to pick up the right bicycle for their children.

1. The design of the bike

Every time your children ride a bike, their legs were stretched out because the design ofboth saddle and the upper part are higher compared to other vehicles. Therefore, individuals have to pedal down and have their right leg straightened out to reach the pedal as well as the ground. By applying this regular exercises, the height of your children will improve significantly.

2. Adjust the design of your bike

When consider purchasing one bicycle for your children, it is better to choose the one that best suits their ages and height. To achieve the best height increase, parents should adjust the seat so that the leg could stretch all the way down the bike.

At the same time, the stock of the bike should be increased and adjusted which stimulate the child to try his best. Especially, the most important thing is that parents should create for the habit for their child to keep his back straightened. Once the child has become familiar with this position, they not only feel comfortable, but excited in riding a bike as well.

3. Observing the improvement in the body

When encouraging your children to ride with the aim of increasing the height, you must constantly observe the improvement in the body of your child (especially the legs). As a result, parents can know when to raise additional saddle up and simultaneously adjust the wagon.

According to some researches, scientists have stated that in the past, the Dutch is taller than the German although they have consumed a similar source of nutrition. Through the time being, the German has their height higher than the Dutch. This is the amazing result which concerns lots of people. However, scientists have found that the German practices riding bicycle regularly in the proper position.

To illustrate, the Dutch kept their legs and back straightened and stretched when biking, while Germans tend to hunch forward as the professional cyclist. Moreover, the Germans did not raise the saddle, their wagon to the car’s high as the Dutch.

How to ride a bike in the proper way?

Young children tend to pedal with their toes instead of using both the feet. As a result, this is dangerous but still helps to strengthen and improve all the muscles in their thighs and ankles. However, this will not increase the height of your child anymore. So you should aim to teach them how to ride with both feet, not only with their toes.

For worst, parents often let their child use one bike which is too big compared to his physique appearance. When getting in this situation, the child will have to lean on the bike which can damage his bone system and well as the gait.

Therefore, parents should keep in mind 2 mistakes above so that they can prevent the child from practice riding their bike in these mistakes.

Children love to explore new things.  Among those outdoor activities, cycling is one of the sports which can bring new experiences and confidence for your children. When riding alone, they will feel very happy as if they have become mature. To encourage your children to ride a bike regularly, take a look at these tricks below to pick up the appropriate one.

  1. Selecting the bike that perfectly fits the height of the child. The child can place his feet directly onto the surface of the ground, not just their toes. In addition, some parents often choose to pick the larger bike so their child can ride when they are older. Try to avoid this method.

  1. Nowadays, bike comes in a wide range of sizes and brands. Try to select the well-known brand goes along with high quality. As a result, your child can use the bike for such a long time and save the money as well.
  1. Parents should refer to wheeled bikes which is called “fat bike” for the young children. The vehicle which huge wheel is more likely to help children have a better control and greater traction when riding the vehicles. Moreover, he easily pass through challenging bends or bad road terrain.

The gait of your children is very important. Therefore, if parents understand the method for stimulating the height, they can support effectively in the children’s body improvement. Besides that, keep in mind these small tricks so that you can understand the proper way for choosing one bicycle for your child.

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