Schwinn balance bike 12-inch

Schwinn balance bike 12 inch
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Schwinn Balance Bike 12 Inch is a great bike for beginners till the age of 6 years. It is the wonderful age for your kids when they begin walking, jumping around and start to riding a new bike. Isn’t it awesome if your kids learn to ride a bike on their own? Read through our complete review to get to know more about the product details here. This will not only encourage to buy the product but also get to know its great features, pros and cons as well as the customer reviews.

Features of product

Schwinn Balance Bike 12 Inch are great bikes specifically meant for the beginners who are still not comfortable with riding a bike. You can read the features we mentioned below. Check out the best features this bike offers for all the customers.

  • Feature 1: New look and design
    This bike comes with a new look with a brand new design technology called foot to floor frame design which is not only good looking but also very advantageous in terms of its utility. This gives more confidence to the beginner learners of this bike.
  • Feature 2: Adjustable handlebars and seats
    Bikes will have to be quite flexible and adjustable for children who keep growing and when their height changes. Hence if you buy bikes which are adjustable, that is, ones with modifiable handles and seats, they are better off than those rigid fixed bikes.
  • Feature 3: Air tubes and tires
    Who doesn’t want an easy roll while riding a bike? By using air tubes and tires you can easily ride this bike for hours together. Isn’t that a fun thing to do especially on weekends?

Benefits of customer when using this product

You should know what are the benefits of using a Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch. Read below to know more.

  • This is a compact bike very well suited for children who are light weighted
  • The seats and handles are easily adjustable as required
  • Reasonably priced bike affordable by anyone
  • Offers foot – to -floor design which helps beginners to balance appropriately.

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Pros and cons of Schwinn Balance Bike

We have tried to be very honest and informative through our review to showcase all the pros and cons of this excellent bike.


  • Very apt for growing children: As the handle and seat can be easily adjusted to a required height, we can say that it is meant for growing children who are pretty fast picking up with their height.
  • Affordable: Most customers worry about how affordable kids bike could be because they need to change it very often. However, if you can buy a reasonably priced bike, then there is a very likely chance that you could replace this bike with a new one after your kid grows up.
  • Easily assembled: This easy to use bike can be assembled by the parents. Just look for the instructions in the user guide or the manual and you will be able to easily figure out how to assemble the bike. Whether you buy a new bike or a used or may have to replace the parts,then you can do it all on your own. Isn’t that wonderful?
  • Real adult looking bikes: These bikes have spiked wheels and unlike other kids bikes, they do not have plastic wheels. These wheels look quite like the ones which adults ride.


Weight: The bike is slightly heavier than expected. Hence, make sure you buy this bike if you have a kid who is slightly well built and can handle this weight if he or she falls off the bike.
Not sturdy as it seems: The bike parts are not as sturdy as they seem to. Many customers had a concern that this bike is not at all strong and sturdy. Some had  a bad experience of getting damaged bike shipped to their address.

Who this product is best suited for?

Children who are well belt can use this bike as many customers have said that the bike is slightly heavy. This bike is mainly meant for beginners and first time learners.

However, you need not throw the bike away after using it for a couple of years. You can keep it until your child grows up to 35” tall. So, why not save money by using a durable and long lasting bike which can be easily adjusted for the growing children.

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Some tips for you when using this product

  • Follow these tips and tricks in order to ride and maintain Schwinn Balance Bike 12 Inch .
  • Handle the bike with care as it is not as sturdy as it seems to be.
  • Make sure you dust off the bike regularly, otherwise there is every chance that you could damage the paint on the bike.
  • Study the user guide before assembling all the bike parts on your own. This should give you some good exposure on how to assemble and disassemble your bike.
  • Based on your needs and likings these bikes can be fitted with a small play basket to keep your toys either in the front or the rear end of the bike.


If you have a toddler at home who knows to ride a bike or not, this Schwinn Balance Bike 12 Inch boosts them start balancing and biking all on their own. Your toddler can enjoy the privilege of pedaling, balancing, and foot-working on their own without any parental assistance. This not so sophisticated bike encourages your young riders by offering various positive features mentioned above. So why not hurry and buy this great bike for your loving kid?

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