Six summer safety tips for kids

Finally, this is the time when children can spend time playing while pencils, notebooks and other practical stuff have been packed tidily. Obviously, not only children but parents also wait for this time as well since people can have more time to participate in outdoor activities and explore the new thing in the natural environment.

However, there one thing we want to tell you is that besides those funny activities, parents should also beware of the potential risks happen to your child during the playtime. Although the methods for preventing illnesses and injuries are posted everywhere on an online website or even books, this article will provide a detailed brief of tips for you to keep in mind easily.

Based on the research of The National Safe Kids Campaign, there is at least one in four kids suffer from the dangerous accident when playing during the summer every year. Since people don’t just play at home, but travel to the beach, forest or even walking in the valley, there are many things you should keep in mind.

1. Ticks and insect bites

For people who intend to travel into the forest or just go camping in the local park, ticks are the common problems often happen, especially dangerous for small children. Keep in mind 4 aspects you can apply to prevent this situation:

Choose the suitable clothes

  • In terms of clothes, clothes in bright colors are beneficial since they not only bring the cool feeling when wearing but also easy to help individuals spot the tick immediately.
  • If your child is wearing one pair of long pant legs, just tuck it into the socks to prevent insect from getting inside your shoes.

Prepare the repellent

In the market, there are various repellents contain the DEET or permethrin, two main ingredients which can help people get rid of the natural insect by applying onto the skin. However, when choosing one type for your kids, pay attention to the concentration or even the drawbacks happen for individuals who often allergic to the strange ingredients.

Have adequate information about the insects

If you are traveling to woods or tropical forest, you must be aware since insects tend to appear under the grasses or heaps of woods. In addition, wet places such as pond or lake are areas you should also keep in mind.

Don’t forget to check the ticks

According to the scientists, the tick-bone issue can cause individuals to the dangerous situation or even death whenever you are not in aware of. Therefore, parents should try to check their children since the child does not have enough knowledge to understand this importance.

  • Check the body and other parts of each member in your family every night. If there is anything happen, you can be prompt and found it easier to deal with the problems.
  • Don’t forget to check the space under your arms, neck, between legs or your feet
  • Knowing how to remove the tick spot is not hard. First, you need to use the fine-tipped tweezers to take it out. Try not using your bare fingers. After that, clean this area carefully to prevent the infection.

2. Safety in the pool

Individuals need to remember that all the signs with “No running” warning throughout the pool are left there for protecting the health of individuals, not just an usual decoration. However, according to the research of SafeKids in 2006, the number of kids died because of water-drowning accidents accounts up to 3700 cases.

More importantly, children need the supervision from parents throughout the time they play in the pool. To illustrate, this can be considered as one arm’s length parents should measure when their child is playing in the water area. And please keep in mind that the child can be drown from various places not just the pool including rivers, lakes, beach or buckets.

3. Wear helmet to protect the head

In the past, wearing a helmet is an optional choice parents can decide to pick or not when training their kids on a bicycle; however, this is a must these days. Based on statistic from one research, there are up to 400,000 cases about children who have accidents when riding without wearing a helmet, some result in death or serious brain injuries.

Therefore, wearing a helmet to reduce the risk of taking accidents mentioned above.

  • When purchasing this product, it is highly recommended that individuals pick up helmet with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on the surface.
  • Make sure that the bicycle designed in the suitable form with your children to make sure they can put the feet conveniently on the playground
  • Besides the normal bicycle, parents now can get familiar with the balanced bike, one type of bike which offers the intense protection and boost the self-confidence of your children from the very young ages.

4. Hydration

If you are the type of person who pay strict attention to the health, we sure you will know that drinking a lot water is a must to have a healthy lifestyle and maintain the elasticity of your skin. Apart from adults, kids are the one that needs more attention in term of hydration.

Since human being tends to feel thirsty when their body is lack of water; however, kids cannot tell us about this because they are still too young. There are some signs parents can rely on to understand whether their kids are thirsty or not including:

  • Irritability
  • Lethargy
  • Fatigue
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Eyes get sunken
  • Dry mouth

Therefore, the best solution is to remind your kids to drink regularly. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), kids who are practicing outdoor sports should consume at least 5 ounces in every 20 minutes. Besides the fresh water, drinking more fruit juice and nutritious supplement is also a great idea.

5. Avoid getting sunburn

In fact, when children receive blistering sunburn, it will increase the risk of taking cancer and dangerous melanoma in the future. Since women know that sunscreen is very important to protect their skin when going out, kids are always the same.

In fact, there are two types of rays including UVA and UVB that kids have to prevent against those elements. For people, they commonly think that sunscreen should be applied to the skin during hot and sunny days. But we also need it for winter and cloudy days also. Ideally, sunscreen with SPF 30 is the most suitable and you need to apply approximately 30 minutes before going out.

If you are considering applying both the sunscreen and repellent on your skin, apply sunscreen first then spend more time for putting on the repellent.

6. Stay away from the hot grilling

During the summer, most families often think about going camping inside the forest or local park besides travelling to the beach. This is so great; however, small generation will also have to come up with various challenges and dangerous situations, especially the hot grilling for cooking the ingredients.

  • If you go picnic outside the house, try to use canned food or convenient products sold from the store. Try to avoid bringing along ingredients that need require refrigeration or quickly spoil throughout the time.
  • When grilling, it is not safe to leave the children play near that area. It can cause them to get burn or even damage the grass.
  • If your family decides to consume food made by yourself or cooked using barbeque or grilling pot, don’t forget to check the temperature of food, or even the cooked state to ensure the protection for the health.

Overall, summertime is the period when children are so excited because they can participate in various outdoor activities, travel with family or even just hang out with friends. Among those things, individuals especially parents need to keep in mind their children to protect them from several accidents that can happen during the playing time.

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