Strider st-4 no-pedal balance bike

Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike
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For a small child, learning how to ride a bike is difficult. Unfortunately, this makes it really scary to try for the first time. Once your child overcomes their fear to ride a tricycle however, they are then faced with the even scarier task of moving to a 2-wheel bike. Is it any wonder that so many of our children don’t learn how to ride a bike? But now there’s something called a balance bike to help children develop the skills they need for a 2-wheel bike without all the fear. The Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike is one of these and it helps your child learn to balance and move in ways that are essential for a 2-wheel bike before they even start.

Top Features of the Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike

There are several features of this bike that make it a good choice even among other no-pedal balance bikes.

  • Handlebars – The handlebars are low and flat rather than curved like most bikes, making it easier for your child to grab on. They also have a quick release to allow for easy adjusting (since your child is going to be growing pretty quickly at this age). They also are 43% smaller around than most handlebars to fit your child’s hand and they have extra padding to make them more comfortable.
  • Seat – Also easily adjustable for your growing child, the seat of the Strider ST-4 is low to the ground, making it much easier for your child to reach the ground if they need to stop suddenly. It adjusts between 11” and 16” and has a small seat that fits your child’s smaller frame.
  • Wheels – Each wheel is made of a single piece of ultra-light steel in a 12-inch circle for easy motion.
  • Tires – The tires are made with EVA Polymer and are guaranteed to never go flat. They are also custom-made in one piece with the wheels.
  • Footrest – Perfect for your child to put their feet up and out of the way when riding their balance bike, the footrests are built into the bike and have a space for both feet to rest easily and comfortably while still being easy to move in case of sudden stops.

Benefits of Customer when using this product

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Your child is going to want to ride a 2-wheel bike and if they aren’t able to progress from a tricycle that just isn’t going to happen. Your child will feel upset, uncomfortable and possibly even embarrassed around their friends because they haven’t been able to learn what they need to in order to ride a 2-wheel bike. With the Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike they don’t have to worry about any of that. Some of the benefits of this particular product are:

  • Racing style that smaller children love
  • Quick release adjustments for the seat and handlebars
  • Long lasting paint finish
  • Sealed cartridge bearings for easier and smoother motion
  • Perfect fit for children 18 months to 5 years old
  • Reduces fear when children switch to a 2-wheel bike
  • Improves safety for your child

Pros and Cons Of Strider ST-4

These pros and cons of this excellent bike will help you in knowing what to expect from this bike:


  • Safer for children learning to balance
  • Great fit for small children (good sizing between seat and handlebars)
  • Children can easily reach the ground with their feet
  • Can be transported easily (small and light)


Not a lot of ‘padding’ in the tires can result in a more abrupt feeling when going over obstacles and without brakes your child may scuff up their shoes when stopping their bike. On the other hand, brakes are available from the company which will resolve this problem easily.

Who is this bike Made For?

If your child is getting to the age where they would normally get a tricycle but you’re not sure you want one or even if your child has already had a tricycle but you want to make sure they are prepared for a 2-wheel bike the Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike is a great choice.

How to using this Bike

In order to get the most out of this bike your child needs to understand balance. In order to get used to the bike your child need only sit on it and walk.

The seat is low to the ground so they can easily reach the ground from it. When they walk it helps them learn to balance the bike straight. Once they are comfortable with that they can run (instead of walking) and pick their feet up, allowing the bike to move them forward quickly.

They will be required to balance however, if they can’t balance the bike they can easily reach the ground to put their feet down and balance again. This helps them learn the balance necessary for a 2-wheel bike without the fear and uncertainty of falling.


Riding a 2-wheel bike is a big step for most children. As they get older they want to ride with their friends or they want to ride on their own and a tricycle just isn’t going to cut it. If you want to help get your child on that 2-wheel bike faster than the Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike is a great way to start. It will help them balance, help them gain confidence and improve their abilities before you put that 2-wheel bike in front of them.

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