Tips for purchasing one typical bike for your children

When developing the body into the right age, children tend to participate in different outdoor activities such as cycling, running or playing soccer with their friends. At the early age, parents often choose to pick up one normal bike that children can practice riding in their spare time.

As mentioned above, cycling is one of the very interesting activities that most children often feel excited and interested when hearing about. On the market nowadays, there are a wide range of bikes to meet the needs of parents as well as their little child. Therefore, you can base on the age of your child to choose a suitable bike.

This article will release some information that parents can take a glance for picking the proper bicycle that best suits the age of their children. Purchasing a right bike will not only improve the physique appearance of your child effectively, but avoid the risk of taking dangerous problems as well.

Children under 2 years old

With the creative and catchy design, tricycle is suitable for baby who can sit firmly in a long period of time (children for about 10 months). Babies at this age obviously cannot ride the bike by themselves, so parents should put the child into the car seat and take themaround for a walk in the neighborhood or in the park. This activity will create a little excitement to the world around them.

In term of design, the tricycle is designed with lots of useful features for the child when going out.

The design frame is made of high quality and durable materials such as steel or metal. It can withstand the weight of your children perfectly. As we have known that, small child is very active so when having the tricycle made of good materials, it will help secure the child better.

Vehicles are often mounted with a huge roof to limit the sunlight and rain when taking your children outside. In addition, it also has a rear basket for you containing her belongings when going out.

As babies get older and strong enough to ride alone, you can remove the leg rest and push out the handle. As a result, now your baby is having a lightweight trike to ride.

Children from 2 to 4 years old

When the child is getting at the age of 2, you can decide to purchase one typical bicycle for the baby, especially picking a lightweight three-wheeled bicycle. To illustrate, parents should remember two basic features when buying the bicycle for their children including the safety and comfort. When purchasing vehicles for children, please keep in mind a few important things below:

  1. We should take the child together to choose vehicles. By doing this method, parents can ensure that the children like the style as well as the color of their intended vehicle.
  1. In fact, manufacturers sometimes make mistake when producing the products. For example, the pedal sometimes will occur problems that your baby can not pedal around the bike. Therefore, individuals have to make sure that the child can put the foot on the pedal comfortably
  1. When buying one typical type of vehicles for the baby, you should certainlypay attention to check and safety of vehicle frames, pedals, wheels and other parts of the design respectively.
  1. Purchase a light-weight bike with simple design will create for chances for children to ride easier. In addition, it will not take too much space when storing in the house or garage.

Children which over 4 years old

In fact, children which are over 4 years old, they now can use the bikes which are functioned by chains and wheels mounted behind.

  • With a 3-4 year old child, parents should choose to purchase a vehicle that haswheel diameter of 30 cm.
  • Children from 4 to 6 years old are suitable for vehicles whichdiameter is about 40 cm wheel size
  • Moreover, child from 6 to 8 years old and 8-10 years old is 50 cm to 60 cm respectively.

The general rule when choosing a bicycle for everybody is to try the distance from the saddle to the seat. To illustrate, people can ride the vehicles comfortably without having to lean too much. When sitting on the saddle, the foot should be able to touch the ground. Therefore, when purchasing the bicycle, parents can also ask the salesman to adjust the saddle height that best suits the child’s height.

It is suggested that parents should help your child become familiar with this vehicle. Compared with the three-wheeled bicycle, vehicles which are functioned by chains are heavier. Therefore, children may find it difficult when riding since they cannot ride backward.

At first, individuals need to becomefamiliar with the handbrake and control the speedeffectively. After getting used to riding this type vehicles, parents can remove the rear wheels so that their child now have chances to learn how to balance the bike during the riding process.

Learning to ride a bike sometimes occurs inevitable falls and injuries for the body. So have your childrenequipped with a high quality helmet and light protective knee pads, elbow to protect these fragile parts of the children.

Teaching children how to ride a bike is not difficult at all. All parents have to do is pay lots of effort and time so support for them during the riding process. Besides that, purchasing one bicycle with high-quality will create chances for your children to ride comfortably.

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