Toddler Bike Helmet – Best Bike Helmets for Kids

Among various outdoor recreations, riding the bicycle is the most common activity that parents often encourage the children to play. This helps both strengthening the physical health as well as flexible skills towards the outside environments. However, besides those benefits, parents should pay attention to the safety for young individuals by wearing the toddler bike helmet.

According to research, every year there are roughly 300 accidents involving in riding bicycles for children under the age of 15. This is obvious that those numbers may get higher if children do not wear the helmet. In this article, parents can get to know more about the important feature results from wearing the helmet and some popular models of bike helmet for kids that you can consider.

Advantages of Toddler Bike Helmet

For everybody, wearing a toddler by the helmet is a necessary thing since it helps protect the most important part: the head. Digging deeper into the problem, small children have their head and bone weak; therefore, wearing the helmet for protection is thing that parents ought to remember. These benefits below will help you understand more.

1. Avoid serious injuries on the head

When mentioning about the bicycle injuries, most doctors say that these injuries can lead to long-term disabilities and incidental death. To illustrate, there are 24% of children have to suffer from head injuries when riding the bike. In addition, the number of death results from this outdoor activity also accounts for 65%.

According to some research, especially the information collected from the “Injury Prevention”, wearing the high-quality helmet for your child can reduce the risk of taking brain injuries.

2. Spread the awareness

In fact, children tend to mimic other’s behavior when they find it is interesting and meaningful. If you have ever wondered the reason why your kids do not like to wear a  helmet, this is just because they don’t want to be seen as uncool and inconvenient during the riding process.

Therefore, wearing the helmet will help enhance the awareness of your children, especially in the house or the whole neighborhood.

3. Enhance the visibility

Driving on the road means that individuals have to focus carefully to overcome the challenge obstacles such as cars, rocks and people who are passing across the street. In some cases, accidents happen when you cannot see what is happening in front of your eyes.

In those cases, wearing the helmet is one of the best solutions to help your children deal with all problems. When purchasing one, try to pick up the one with bright color so that it will help you see effectively during the days and nights.

4. Protect you from different weather conditions

Obviously, no one will ride their vehicles during the hard storm or under the heavy rain. However, weather conditions are hard to predict when individuals intend to play outside for long hours. Especially for small children, protect them from harsh weather condition not only means to protect their health, but limit the risk of taking dangerous injuries as well.

Top 6 Toddler Bike Helmet on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016

Although there are many toddler bike helmet on the market for your choices, but I recommend top 6 best bike helmet for kids on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 with quality and brands.

1. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet

After taking a glance, this one appears with the basic and simple exterior design. Made of ABS Hard plastic shell, then this type of material will protect your children no matter how rough the route may be. One interesting feature of ABS material is that it can withstand different types of weather condition without reducing the quality of your children helmet.

In term of construction, designed with the dual density EPS foam and vents, your child not only feels comfortable when wearing but protects his head to the maximum extend as well. Since children heads are weak, this bike helmet for kids is not designed to heavy to threaten the bone of those young individuals. Available in various colors which are suitable for both boys and girls.

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2. Marvel Spiderman Hero Helmet

Every boy has his own superhero inside the head. Therefore, this Marvel Spiderman Hero Toddler Bike Helmet will save your children time and effort by getting him ready at any time. Best fit with head measured from 50 to 54 centimeters, it means that this helmet is best used for children older than 5 years old to receive the most effective protection.

For most head protection, the straps sometimes make individuals find it hard to drive their vehicle because they do not stay stably. However, those straps allow you to adjust to fit the chin for the comfortable experience. Take safety as the top priority, this one is designed with the EPS inner shell which helps to absorb the shock during the riding session. On the other hand, this helmet also receives lots of compliments for its amazing exterior design.

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3. Raskullz Dinosaur Helmet

When mentioning about the Toddle bike helmet, Raskullz is famous for offering the attractive design but still maintain the safety features for your small angels. If you have understood how hard it takes to persuade your child wearing the bike helmet for kids, then you will get to known the aim of this brand.

Receive the CPSC and ASTM safety certifications, parents now can satisfy with the quality of the product. Designed with the EPS inner shell, shock and challenging obstacles when riding on the rough route is not the big deal anymore. Worry that your children head will get hot and dirty when wearing for a long time, don’t worry because he aerodynamic cooling vents will release all the odors caused from sweat.

In term of construction, Toddler bike helmet from Raskullz emphasizes the 3D technology for the appearance to catch their attention from the very first moment. We sure that this model will make your children want to wear without needing to persuade them.

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4. Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

For children who prefer the energetic and active outdoor recreations, then this Toddler bike helmet is considered to be one of the best models. In fact, this helmet is not encouraged to use for riding bicycle since you will not receive enough protection. Besides that, feel free to wear when skateboarding, riding scooter or even the roller derby.

Designed with the sweat saver liner, this helps eliminate the odors released from sweat when wearing for long hours. In addition, children often have their eyes blurred from the smells. This feature also reduces the situation happened for most children. Available in tons of design and various sizes for your children.

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5. Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet

By receiving lots of compliments from latest customers, this Razor V-17 Multi-sport Toddler Bike Helmet can easily achieve the high rank among those bike helmet for kids. Take comfort and safety as the top priority, the interior design allows children to experience the softness and convenience with ergonomic padding. In addition, there are side vents to release the annoyed smell after wearing for long hours.

In term of construction, the cutting edges are interesting features which help protect the head absolutely. Best fit for head measured from 21.5 to 22 inches. If you children are around 5 to 8, then this is an ideal age for picking this model.

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6. JOOVY Noodle Helmet

For small individuals, it is essential to create the habit of protecting themselves from dangerous situations. Understand that needs, JOOVY aims to offer the best protection on movements that you intend to make. This one is designed to best fit under 5-years-old child with head measured from 18.5 to 20.5 inches.

Designed with the fit dial, your children head will fit absolutely into the interior design of this toddler bike helmet. Besides that, straps are made of nylon material which allow individuals to adjust easily and maintain the durability for long-term usage. According to parents, girls will tend to fall in love with this model since it is available in 6 bright colors with the simple design.

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Infographic: Helmets and Safety for Toddlers when riding Balance Bike

Helmets and Safety for Toddlers when riding Balance Bike

Attentions using bike helmets for kids

As mentioned above, most injuries caused from outdoor activities for children are often related to death and even the head injuries. Therefore, it is better to protect yourself from dangerous obstacles happened immediately. Using the helmet for protecting body from dangerous situation is a must; however, it is also necessary to keep in mind some tips for make use effectively during the riding session

  • Meet the safety standard. As bike helmet for kids is becoming very important, so the US government has also offered the safety standard for high-quality brand. Therefore, when purchasing the helmet for children, make sure it achieves the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).If the helmet you intend to purchase does not have this sticker, it is highly regarded that you search for other stores.
  • Wear it every time you ride. For most parents, they often think that toddler bike helmet is effective when using for long rides on the route. However, you ought to teach children to wear every time they ride their vehicles outside the house. No one will know what will happen.
  • Wear followed the proper method. Wearing the helmet properly will bring you an effective protection, otherwise this stuff is useless. Most children tend to tip the helmet to the back to show their forehead, this is not a good behavior.
  • Stabilize the straps at their proper position. When letting the small individuals play with their straps flying under the chin, the risk of taking head injuries is very high. Therefore, make sure your children wear helmet with its straps snugged stably under the chin. On the other hand, it means that you cannot pull off or twist the helmet.
  • Protect the quality and durability. To use one product for such long term, all you have to do is store them carefully. Since children are small and they still have not had enough awareness about their behaviors, throwing helmet in the corners or shoes closet is the common situation that we often see when children playing their helmet. To solve this problem, parents should teach children carefully about the ways for maintain the durability of their property.
  • Clean padding and cloth regularly. For some models of bike helmet for kids, they are designed with padding and soft cloths inside. These materials also need to be washed carefully since they have absorbed the annoyed smell and odors from their sweat.


Overall, safety is the top priority that individuals should keep in mind when riding outside the house, especially for young children. For those who have not purchased a toddler bike helmet for your child, we advised you to purchase from today because head protection is very important for young individuals. Besides that, why don’t consider those models suggested above to purchase for your children. With those catchy and active designs, we sure they will definitely want to wear them from the very first moment without needing your encouragements.


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    1. Hi Sharon, the main purpose of helmet is to protect the head, especially for young children.
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