Top 3 Terrain Challenges for Kids Riding Balance Bike

Riding a balance bike is one of the greatest adventures that kids can have in their childhood. The balance bike riding is amongst the healthiest kids’ sports that help children learn about riding competently. It not only helps in developing the body balance but also fills them with courage and breaks the fears of height, speed and falling down. Balance bike riding can be clubbed in the three popular challenges that help kids master the various forms of riding. These challenges are quite helpful in imparting the training related to dirt biking. It is important for the parents to train their kids in the three challenges so that they can be ready to face the adventures of mountain biking easily.

The Three Challenges for Kids Riding Balance Bike

These three challenges can be considered as the basic practice for learning the art of mountain biking. This helps in developing skills that are a must for mastering the art of balance bike riding. In this article, we will focus on the three challenges for kids riding a balance bike. It is about elaborating the simple steps of balance bike riding challenges that help in mastering the skills to ride confidently. This will help the parents learn about the same.

These challenges are the simple and effective ways that the parents can use to train their kids. It also helps them in learning the balance bike riding easily.

  1. Mountain up Challenge

The basic purpose of this challenge is to master the skills of riding the bike in the upward direction without any complications. While learning this challenge the kids are riding the bike in the upward direction. It helps them in learning to make balance while putting the body weight on the pedals to ride upward. It is extremely important for the parent to take care of the kid while training them.

It is carried on the small mountain slopes that can be used for training the kids for mountain up the challenge. The kids have to ride up and cross the small mountain slope. This tends the kid to put in efforts which in turn increase stamina and learn to make balance in difficult conditions. It is advisable to choose the natural small slope as much as possible to avoid any sort of discomfort.

While training the kids for the mountain up the challenge it is important to keep a close watch on them. This becomes essential if the kid is in between the age of 3 to 5. The use of the safety belt that can be attached to the frame of the balance bike can be quite useful for the parents to prevent the bike from falling. These belts must be used while imparting the training on the balance bike challenges to the kids. These help you to balance the bike as well as help the kid as required.

  1. Mountain down Challenge

As the name suggests this challenge is all about training the kids in making a balance while riding the bike down hills. It is essential to master the art of balancing the bike in high speed rolling down the slope. This adds the skill of controlling the bike in speed and making balance without falling. This is just opposite of the mountain up the challenge where more efforts are required while here the balancing matters a lot.

The parents can teach this with the help of the mountain slope that is used for the up challenge, but the direction is reversed and the kid has to go down the slope. While training for this challenge the brakes and the safety belt should be used. It is much difficult as compared to the first challenge and requires extra care from the parents. It helps in developing the balancing skills and road sense in the kids.

Before starting the training in these areas the brakes and the safety belts shall be checked for strength and durability. In case you find any one of these is not appropriate, then the plan must be dropped. This is extremely important that the kids are able to apply the brakes and parents are able to control their speed. It helps in keeping the kids safe.

  1. Obstacles Challenge

This is the third challenge that is quite important for the kids to master. It helps in learning the skills to manage the ride and maintain the balance while riding on the uneven roads. The parents can place some obstacles in the track and ask the kid to cross the same. This can be anything but shall not be harmful to the kids. It is important to take care that any obstacle is not hazardous to the kids.

The obstacle placements shall be done in a calculative manner so the kids may learn to cross them easily. These can be created in many ways simply by putting the logs or the stones in the track and asking the kids to ride in between these. This helps them in managing the balance as well as it enhances the decision-making power like whether to avoid the obstacle or to cross over the same.

The obstacles placed in the track shall not be penetrated or having sharp edges so that these don’t harm the kids even if they fall freely on the obstacle.


We have seen the importance of the kids’ balance bike challenges in the above sections as well as the required safety before imparting the training. These challenges are the essence of the balance biking and help in learning the skills that are required for mastering the art of balance bike riding. Imparting the training on these challenges help the kids in learning the different skills as well as curb their fear for the biking.

It is essential for the parents to spend time in training the kids on these challenges. This will not only keep the kids safe but also lets them ride the balance bikes confidently. You can find the most important information that can make your kid master the art of balance bike riding.

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