WOOM Bikes USA – Balance Bike

WOOM Bikes USA - Balance Bike
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Spectacular light-weight aluminium framed built for safety, style, and versatility.

Woom Bikes USA have made a light weigh balance bike for young kids ages 18 months to 4 years old.

Top Features of WOOM Bikes USA Balance Bike

These fashionable, light weight kid’s balance bikes come with list of features designed to enhance safety and enjoyment:

  • Balance Bike for ages 18 mths-4 years or height 32″-39″ – Geometry designed with the youngest rider in mind
  • Lightweight AL-6061 aluminum tubes and optimized for simple balancing, which is supported by an upright seating position and a steering lock limiter
  • High quality and light weight frame and components: only 7lb 15oz (3.6kg) overall weight; geometry designed with the youngest rider in mind
  • Hand brake – easy to use small hands reach high quality V-brakes enable easy and effortless braking. 
  • The Super lightweight 12 inch WOOM-SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS alloy rims and industrial bearings hubs are connected with stainless steel spokes

Customer benefits when using this product

  • WOOM Bikes USA’ Light weight AL-6160 aluminium alloy frame frame helps kids learn fast
  • Easy-to-use V-brakes teaches braking at an early age

Pros and Cons Of WOOM Bikes USA


  • Light weight 7 pounds 15 onces
  • Geometrically designed
  • High quality parts and construction
  • light weight 12 inch alloy rims connected with stainless steel spokes
  • designed with the youngest riders in mind
  • stylish design and colors


  • This bike will set you back $200. Not the cheapest balance bike for kids on the market.
  • This bike is limted to toddlers 18 months to 4 years old or 32" to 39" inches.


WOOM Bikes USA’ Light-weight designed kids balance bike is among our favorites.  From geometric design to quality parts we give this balance bike for kids two thumbs up.

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