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YBIKE Balance Bike is a good bike for novice riders at an early age, such as 4 or 5. It also has a unique design, making your child’s ride stand out from the other kids. It’s durable and safe, meaning they can run it into things and not worry about too much getting broken. Your kid probably wants some sort of motorcycle, so why not give them the best option? In this review, we’ll go over the YBIKE’s features and perks as well as some cons. If you need a comprehensive review of this product, this will provide a good summation of the product.

Great Features of Product

YBIKE Balance Bike is a good option for beginners at a young age, specifically targeted for those wanting to train their children to balance on a real bike. The features are listed below in a concise, clear fashion.

Check out the best features the YBIKE has to offer below for customers:

Feature 1: Sleek Design And Look

The bike comes with a sleek, chopper-like appearance, meant to pay homage to the greater motorcycles of the world (as in two wheels). There are two basic colors that contrast with each other, that being black (for the wheels and handlebars) and the body being a choice of either orange, blue, green or purple.

Feature 2: Durability

These bikes are meant to take a beating and also meant to support the weight of your child. It even comes with two rear wheels for stability, meaning you don’t have to worry about any sort of issues when they do decide to take it for a spin. Overall, this makes it very safe.

Feature 3: Ground Clearance

Ground clearance can mean a lot of things with a bike. If there’s not enough of it, the balance will be thrown off and crashing will ensue. If there’s too much, the same thing will happen. Luckily the YBIKE is balanced pretty well with it.

Benefits of customer using this product

Everyone who’s considering buying this should know the benefits of it. Read below to get a better grasp on what the YBIKE Balance Bike offers.

  • The plastic is high impact, non-toxic and highly durable.
  • The seat is comfortable and universal for a child of just about any size.
  • It’s priced very well, making it a competitive and affordable choice among the other balance bikes out there.
  • YBIKE Balance Bike comes in a several different colors (blue, orange, green and purple).
  • It offers to rear wheels for added stability.

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Pros and cons of the YBIKE Balance Bike


  • An excellent choice for training children: This is designed to teach your child balancing and will do a great job of it. It's in the name and for good reason; this thing does one heck of a job balancing.
  • Affordable And Cost-Effective: A lot of times, buying something is a gamble – either it's going to work wonderfully or it's going to fail and you'll feel like you've wasted your money. However, a YBIKE Balance Bike is a solid choice for the money. It does have a limit on how much it can, but odds are your kid will have grown out of it by the time this happens.
  • Almost No Assembly Required: The YBIKE Balance Bike is a fantastic alternative to more complicated, pricier versions of these balance training bikes on the market. One, it comes with all the documentation and manuals you'll ever need and two, it's easy to put together, specifically relating to the supportive wheels you can add as an option to your YBIKE. No one wants the headache of finding odd screws and tools to put something together and with this, you won't have to worry about that.
  • Like The Big Kids: This thing is built to look like a scaled down version of a chopper-style motorcycle, so it will look cool and appealing to your child's friends. There are even shocks and suspension designs built in to mimic the real deal.


  • Simplistic Design: While some people may love the simple design, some kids won't. It does seem a little too streamlined, but for its purpose, this may not be that big of a deal. On top of that, it only comes in four colors, so red, white and black are out of the option. This may be a deal breaker for some.
  • Unsuitable For Some Sizes: The YBIKE Balance Bike may not be the best for a larger child (or a smaller one, ever). It's universal and design to fit most kids, but it doesn't do well with the extreme end. Consider your children's size before purchasing.

Who this product is best suited for?

This is a good option for children who need to learn the basics of riding a two wheel bike and balancing against gravity. It’s mainly meant for toddlers and small children that are being introduced to riding or driving a two wheel toy, so if your kid is already riding around on a small bike, this isn’t a good option. However, for parents who are wanting to give their child a head-start on riding around in bicycles, this is a fantastic deal.

Some tips when you start using this product:

Take in consideration these tips when teaching your child to ride and use the YBIKE Balance Bike – you’ll find these very useful.

  • Keep an eye on your children while practicing.
  • Keep the bike clean. These weren’t meant to get very dirty and enough gunk will make it a real hassle to clean.
  • Read over the manual and documentation when purchasing the bike and first setting it up. You’ll want to know the ins and outs of what your child will be playing with and if repairs are within reason for you.
  • Check around for accessories, such as a name tag or basket. You can also try a simple light and some reflector tape just to be safe (get safety gear, too).

The Conclusion

If you’re the parent of a small child that is wanting to learn how to ride a bike, then the YBIKE Balance Bike is a good option, especially if you don’t want them getting hurt on the real deal too early. It’s affordable, strong and readily available from just about any online store or shopping mall with kids in mind. Definitely worth the recommendation for those who want to keep their children safe and give them an idea of how a real bike rides.

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